Orthotics are custom-fitted inserts for your shoes that help control and improve the way your feet function. Custom-made biomechanical orthotics are based on the study of your body in motion and cast from impressions of your neutral foot position. As a result, prescription orthotics balance and fine-tune your specific musculoskeletal structure for easier, pain-free walking, and peak performance during fitness activities.

There are many types of orthotic devices and our doctors prescribe inserts specific to your foot type, needs and regular activities. Different orthotics may also be prescribed for shoes with different purposes. Depending on diagnosis, orthotic treatment may be combined with medication, physical therapy, surgery or other forms of treatment.


Some conditions that affect the structures of both the foot and ankle may require more. In such cases, our doctors may recommend an ankle-foot orthosis (brace). For less severe conditions, this brace allows more active ankle joint flexion.

Another type of brace totally limits motion of the ankle joint, in chronic conditions such as painful arthritis or diabetic foot and ankle problems.