Dr. Orminski's Blog

January 19, 2016

This is the time of year for enjoying the snow and winter fun. We have more snow than Yakima has seen since 1996. Often our enthusiasm overrides caution when it comes to cold injuries. Typically a few days after a day’s venture in the outdoors, toes can start burning and small blisters or dark spots appear on tips of the toes. This a minor form of frostbite. Cold drafty floors and bare feet is a risky combination for cold injury as well. Prevention with slippers in the house or proper fitting outdoor boots with room for warm socks is important. Tight fitting shoes or boots puts skin in direct contact with cold. Even 30 minutes can create injury without protection. Treatment is warm water soaks, avoiding smoking, caffeine, and further cold exposure. In minor incidents, tincture of time will resolve the problem.

-Donald W. Orminski, DPM, FACFAS